5 Best Football Player Haircuts In Recent Times

Football is a game of style and elegance, as much as it is of brute force. The players are often our role models and we idolize the things they do. As much as we like they fashion style and the way they carry themselves, another great feature of their look is the hairstyle. We often see some brilliant or funny hairstyles from our idols. Often people focus on the best football player haircuts that they come across and want to copy what they like.

Social media is such a platform these days where everything trends in a few hours. These players are also icons and celebrities and the fans follow their every move.

Here are 5 best football player haircuts in recent times that you may wish to follow-

David Beckham (Slicked Black Hair)

There is undoubtedly only one leader in terms of fashion and style with respect to footballers. The man known as David Beckham might have retired from the game quite some time ago. However, his impressions on the footballing world will last forever. Even today, a lot of young aspiring footballers follow this legend’s every move.

This is with regards to his sense of fashion and style and how to carry himself on and off the pitch. He is still known for his slicked back hairstyle and a comb over. This was indeed one of the best football player haircuts ever.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Hard Part Comb Over Fade)

The best in the world for some fans and respected by most. Cristiano Ronaldo has grown from a young kid who started off to be the best, to a footballing legend. Along the journey, he has grown as an individual too and is now a style icon. His hairstyles are always on point, just like is physique and finishing. A player who is a contender for everything that is best, should surely feature in the best football player haircuts.

5 Best Football Player Haircuts In Recent Times 2
Image Source : Menhairstylesworld

With that being said, the 35-year-old Juventus star’s recent hairstyles have been the talk of the town. From his high skin fades on the sides and parted hairstyle to the hard part comb over one. The fans just love everything that Ronaldo does and try to follow him.

Sergio Ramos (High Fade + Side Swept Fringe)

The Real Madrid skipper is one of the best centre-backs that the game has ever produced. He has been scoring a lot of goals since the restart as well. However, irrespective of his capabilities on the pitch and his amazing tattoos, Sergio Ramos is also known for his exotic hairstyles.

His high fade style, along with the side swept fringe has been licked by a lot of fans. The Spanish World Cup winner has a huge following on social media platforms. These loyalists track all his moves including his hair-styles. It is their love and support that pushes him into the best football player haircuts of all time.

Neymar (Faux Hawk Fade)

Neymar has played at a couple of top clubs, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. He has been really adaptive at times. This is a brilliant way how to explain his most-loved hairstyle. The modern comb over undercut is a really cool adaptation of this.

Neymar may or may not be liked on the match. However, there is no denying the fact that his style quotient is really high. Style and Neymar go hand-in-hand and it is impossible to keep him out of a list of the best football player haircuts.

Paul Pogba (Shaved Sides + Mohawk + Highlights)

The World Cup winner may have seen his ups and downs at Manchester United. However, he is always changing things around with regards to his style. Also, there is no denying the fact that his best days were at Juventus, where he became a global icon. One of the things that caught everyone’s attention back in the day, were his hairstyles.

The best football player haircuts’ list must surely feature Pogba’s shaved sides hairstyle, which had a Mohawk at the centre, along with highlights. It was one of the most unique hairstyles and the midfielder carried it really well. Surely, way better than some his current ones.